Worship 6/13/21

Because of the falling number of COVID cases and the rising number of
people vaccinated in Philadelphia, the City announced, effective yesterday,
that the masking restrictions are changing! This has been a long time
coming, and we are very thankful. People who are fully vaccinated are no
longer required to wear masks, while those who are not yet fully vaccinated
are still required to wear masks indoors and when around other people
outdoors. So starting tomorrow, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not have
to wear a mask in the church building unless you want to. But if you are not
yet fully vaccinated, we ask that you please continue to wear a mask while
in the church building.

Tomorrow we continue our sermon series called, “Real Hope and Real Change
for Real Problems,” from selected passages in 2nd Corinthians. The
sermon is from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, titled, ³Strength for Your Weakness.²
After the week I’ve had, this is a message I need! How about you?

If you are unable to join us in person at the church building at 10:30 AM
because of health issues or still awaiting COVID vaccination, please see
below for the various Webex and YouTube links for live streaming online
access. (Please Note: The Worship Service, the Adult Sunday School Class,
and the Youth Sunday School Class are all offered both in person and online.
The Children¹s Sunday School Class is offered in person only.)

A recording of the sermon will be posted later on the church website.

Worship Service Online At 10:30 AM:

a) For video: sign in using this link from your computer or smartphone:

b) For audio only: dial in from your phone using this number & access code:
    Phone: 1-510-338-9438
    Access code: 625 786 998

Song Response Online After Sermon:

Adult Sunday School Online Around 12:00 PM:

Youth Sunday School Online Around 12:00 PM:

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