Sunday Worship 11/13/22

We have just two sermons left in our Fall sermon series on The Fruit of the Spirit that we’re calling, Good Fruit for a Healthy Body.  Tomorrow’s message will focus on the Spirit’s fruit of “Gentleness,” and is titled “Strength Under Control.” That’s gentleness in a nutshell. Gentleness is not in popular demand. Gentle people get steamrolled and taken advantage of in this broken world, don’t they?  So it’s surprising that Jesus describes himself as “gentle,” and the Apostle Paul lists “gentleness” as part of the Fruit of the Spirit. Come join us and bring a friend, as we focus on God’s gentleness with us, and our call to gentleness in our relationships.

Worship Service is at 10:30 AM and Sunday School is at 12:15 PM.

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