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We are a diverse congregation who have been transformed by the grace of God.  Having been transformed we seek to bring the message and power of God’s grace into our homes, families, friends and neighbors.  We invite you to come and experience the transforming grace of God with us.

New worship and Bible Institute schedule beginning December 1, 2019:

Worship time: 10:30 am at Emmanuel Chapel 835 Reed St.  We are located near the corner of 9th and Reed Streets.  We hold weekly Bible Institute classes for adults and children every Sunday following worship at 12:15 pm.

Our office is located at 1127 Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 215-334-4244.

4 thought on “About us”

  1. Jonny Gibson says:

    Dear Joel

    Jackie and I received your kind card and generous gift of a Visa card in celebration of Hannah’s birth. We are both touched. Thank you!

    I’m sorry we never got to speak at the Union League the other day.

    Hope you’re well.


    Sending this through your website, as it kept bouncing when I tried to write to you.

  2. admin says:

    We’re glad to hear you received the gift. Joel has a new email address Joel.Cummings@live.com.

  3. Steve Ferguson says:

    Hi my name is Steve Ferguson. I used to go to Emmanuelle Chapel as a very young kid living on Ellsworth st.
    I have moved out of the neighborhood years ago but have always had fond memories of my time spent there. Mr. Homer and Mr.Cummings were there back then. Are they still around?

    I want to say that I am an ordained Deacon, Sunday school teacher(21 years), VBS teacher, usher, mens mentor, kids and youth minister, and a disciple of Christ.

    Emmanuelle Chapel has had a GREAT part I. Shaping and moulding me into what I am now.

    and God bless you all.
    Keep doing the Lord’s work, for in so doing you will reap a harvest.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you for this encouragement and how the Lord has worked in your life! Pastor Cummings is still around, retired but very active.
    May the Lord continue to bless you.

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