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Help Wanted: Youth Director

Emmanuel Chapel

1127 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Director of Youth Ministry at Emmanuel Chapel

Introduction to Emmanuel Chapel

We call our church “Emmanuel Chapel” because we believe God is with us in the city. All of us have been broken by sin, and have come to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe he came for us because we matter to him. As we follow him, our broken lives are being made whole. Our vision is to be a gospel-centered community that experiences and welcomes others into life with God and life together. We are a “two congregations church,” as we worship God in English and Indonesian services on Sunday. We are a “come as you are” kind of church. In our church government, we are an independent presbyterian church.

Purpose of Emmanuel Chapel Youth Ministry

Emmanuel Chapel Youth Ministry exists to encourage and equip students in Jr. and Sr. High School, both from our church and our community, to find faith in Jesus Christ, to develop that faith as their own, to help them grow as followers of Christ by living that faith in their everyday lives, to help them engage in the life and ministry of the church, and to challenge them to take that faith outside of their usual circumstances to serve God in our community and our world.


The ideal candidate is an energetic individual with the ability to motivate others. This person has a passionate, growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, with the ability to articulate that faith through evangelizing and teaching the Bible effectively to students. Has a sense of calling to youth ministry in an urban setting. This person provides leadership, encourages and disciples, and equips volunteers. It is expected that the Director of Youth Ministry will work cooperatively with the pastors, elders, volunteers, students, and parents to accomplish the vision and ministry of the church.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree, plus some experience working with youth; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Willing to enter the realities of urban youth culture.
  • Commitment to a team concept of ministry. Has effective skills for leading a team.
  • Effective writing and verbal skills for communicating with students, volunteers, and parents.
  • Organizational skills that are strong enough for self-management and youth ministry management.
  • Effective at wisely counseling and discipling students regarding their problems and challenges.
  • Musical ability (i.e. guitar, piano, voice, etc.) with experience and desire to utilize these skills.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Overall, help the youth engage with the Lord and the church.
  • Oversee the Jr. and Sr. High Sunday School classes and Youth Group meetings, including curriculum, recruiting and scheduling teachers, and teaching or serving as a substitute when needed.
  • Coordinate and plan youth ministry events to support the whole family as much as possible.
  • Encourage student involvement and leadership in other church ministries.
  • Spend time with students and their families outside of youth ministry programming, in order to better disciple and encourage them, including informal meetings and school/community events. 
  • Attend the Sunday worship services of Emmanuel Chapel.
  • Actively communicate with students, parents, congregation, and church leadership on a regular basis through the most effective means (email, phone, mailings, bulletin, or social media).

Reporting Structure and Hours

The Director of Youth Ministry is accountable to the Session, and is under the supervision of the Pastors. Attendance will be required at regular meetings or other connections with the Pastors. This position begins as a part-time job (10 hours/week average), with the hope of it growing into more time as the Youth Ministry grows. It comes with an expectation of involvement, as much as the allotted time allows, in worship, activities, and events that are important to the students and families being served.


This is a paid position. Time off can be arranged as needed, in coordination with the needs and the calendar of the youth ministry. An office will be provided. A criminal background check will be required before hire.


Pastor John Julien

Emmanuel Chapel

1127 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 334-4244

From the Desk of Pastor Julien…..


Sermon Series: Today we begin a new preaching series that will run through the Fall. We’re calling it, “ALL IN – The Life and Mission of the Apostle Paul.” We learn so much about the Lord and ourselves by looking through the lens of his servants’ lives in the Bible. As we will see, Paul’s life was turned upside-down and took a lot of strange turns. Life does not move in a smooth, straight-line direction. But it is usually at the turns in the road that God becomes most visible to us.Those are the “change points” where we can be shaped and sharpened in knowing Jesus better and making him known more. May we all, like Paul, be growing and changing to be “All In” for Jesus!